SEAT: Ibiza or Leon?

SEAT Ibiza or Leon

SEAT are known for their cheap and desirable cars which all come in a range of different body shapes and models. This does make it extremely hard for those SEAT lovers to choose the perfect car for them, is it the Ibiza or is it the Leon? Both SEAT models are available on contract hire deals as well as being one of the best car lease deals right now.

The SEAT Ibiza is known for being the more sportier car out of the SEAT range and is pretty popular amongst the younger customers. This car is based on the Volkswagen Polo and takes all of the best aspects in which you get a great range of engines, an attractive appearance along with a brilliant drive.

This fun and easy to drive car is available in a range of different styles including the Cupra hatchback and the estate but whatever you’re looking for, the Ibiza will definitely have the shape and size perfect for you. As well as having a good choice of body types available, the engine choice is pretty generous too as it offers both petrol and diesel engines which all offer a good performance.

In regards to the cabin of the SEAT Ibiza, it offers plenty of room for the driver and passenger but it’s a little less generous in the back. When it comes to how comfortable the car is, it’s up there at the top of the list, as the driver is able to adjust the seating along with the steering wheel ensuring a cosy ride every time. The SEAT Ibiza offers 292 litres of boot space and 847 litres with the rear seats down which is always handy for those who use this car as more of a family car than a fun car.

The infotainment within the SEAT Ibiza is pretty good when it comes to all of its equipment but the higher spec you go, the better it gets – and of course more expensive. The SE gets you the touchscreen system which includes Bluetooth phone connection with a memory-card slot for if you want to play music. The dashboard is made with quality plastics and is laid-out perfectly as its organised and all of the dials are bright and clear making it extremely easy to function.

The SEAT Ibiza has been rated highly for its safety but it’s too great when it comes to being reliable.

The SEAT Leon is more of a stylish family car and suits those who are looking for something which is reliable for everyday use. The Leon is more expensive than the Ibiza but for what you get, it’s completely worth the extra money.

The Leon is an incredibly practical car with great suspension. With the SEAT Leon, you get the choice of many different engines which are either petrol or diesel which are all smooth and economical. All engines are pretty cheap to run compared to the Ibiza which doesn’t make its price tag seem that bad. There are a range of different models to choose from including the SC Hatchback, ST Cupra, ST Estate and the X-perience Estate which are all great to drive but if you’re looking for a car which performs better, the Cupra is the one for you.

Inside the SEAT Leon, there’s an impressive amount of space with a good head and leg room throughout the car, especially for the driver. The seating within the Leon is a lot more comfortable and offers way more space than previously so you’re able to fit four adults in the car with no struggle but five is pushing it. The boot space isn’t as impressive as the SEAT Ibiza but it’s still pretty decent as it offers 380 litres but the back seats don’t go fully down so there’s a lot less overall boot space.

The dashboard of the Leon is easily the best aspect as its finished to a high standard with a great fit. It’s simple but stylish and extremely easy for the driver to navigate just like the Ibiza. All trim levels are well equipped with a generous amount of systems at standard including the air conditioning, a colour touchscreen and Bluetooth phone connection so you get a lot more than you pay for.

The SEAT Leon has been rated as one of the safest cars on the road, thanks to its rigid body and great set of safety equipment.

So which is the best?
Overall, it’s pretty hard to choose as they’re both completely different cars as one is more aimed at the youths who drive and the other is aimed at families. It does definitely depend on what you want from a car but the SEAT Leon does offer a good amount of infotainment and a good drive along with an attractive look, all for a pretty good price. The SEAT Ibiza is more specific to one audience type which kind of lets it down.


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